A Makeup and Hair Service for Busy People

There is such as thing as on demand beauty in NYC/ The first time I had heard that, I did not know what it meant either. I am very glad that I am in the know now though! There is a company here that will come out at a moment’s notice and style someone’s hair or makeup. Typically, a person would not need this kind of service in their day to day lives. Some people are thrust into the spotlight though with barely a notice, so this service is a blessing to them. I am one of those people, and I truly appreciate this service more than I ever could have realized.

I started out as an intern here, but I quickly moved up the ranks because of my vision for the company. It takes most people over ten years to get to where I am, but it took me four years. Some call it lucky breaks, but I call it motivation and intuition. The first time I needed to use this service was about a year ago. Our company was involved in a major news story, and I was opted to be the spokesperson for the company.

I was already wearing business attire, but I just had my hair pinned up in a loose style. It looked good for me, but it would not do for a televised interview. My assistant is the one who arranged for the makeup and hair stylist to be called in. I see the same instincts in her that got me to where I am! Anyway, the stylist was able to redo my hair style into a more sophisticated look. The airbrushed makeup was also a good choice because the interview was hours away at the time. She made me look better than I could have imagined, and that is why I still use the service for the times emergencies pop up like that.