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  • Dbol for best enhancement of body

    Inject able Dbol is something that attracting a large group of people across the world for a variety of reasons. The hepatotoxicity of the injectable dbol is less compared to the oral tablets of dbol and it is the faster acting that shows instantly results compared to the oral form. It is the popular form that is used today, but it is quite hard to find the injectable form of Dbol. But, there are many labs that will supply your bodybuilding results of Fluoxymesterone. But, there are few crucial things that you need to understand prior to choosing it.

    Dbol is basically the suspended form of Methandrostenolone hormone which can be injected directly into the veins. The injectable version comprises water based compound like its oral counterpart. The Injectable Dbol is C-17-Alpha Alkylated and it comprises of strong aromatizing nature that is derived from testosterone. It is the faster acting compound which is used basically for healthy muscle growth lean muscles. It is widely used as a muscle building steroid that can help you increase your muscle strength and boost your muscle building results. Due to all these factors, it is considered to be the premier off-season steroids that can help you gain mass and strength.

    Apart from off-season steroid, it is also used for athletic performance enhancement and it offers results faster than its oral counterpart. It helps you to hold more power and pump up your workouts at gym to build leaner muscles and ripped body structure within few weeks. However, the Dbol is not effective if it is not used in combination with proper training and nutrition.

    Tablets Dbol vs. Genesis Injectable Dbol

    The Injectable Dbol and tablet form dbol are virtually identical. But there are disadvantages and advantages that Dbol holds. So, you must read the profile page of the injectable form and make a decision based on the information provided on the profile page of the product. But, the Injectable Dbol is always considered to be the best option because it offers faster results and start reacting faster compared to the oral counterpart. But, in some cases overdosing of Injectable Dbol can lead to serious complications which may adversely impact the liver of the user. So, whether you are taking the Injectable Dbol or tablet dbol it is necessary for you to ensure that you are taking it in prescribed dosages to avoid further complications. But, compared oral counterpart, the Injectable Dbol is always preferred for its fast acting results.

    If you are deciding to use the Dbol, then ensure to purchase it from the official website to ensure its quality. There are many labs that claim to offer you genuine Injectable Dbol at cheaper rates. But you must check for the quality of the Injectable Dbol prior to purchasing it. You must put an effort to search the best Injectable Dbol. The contaminated dbol may cause serious health complications and hence prefer to buy the authentic Genesis Injectable Dbol.

  • Understanding Nutrition and difference between Pharmaceutical Grade and Food Grade Supplements

    What is nutrition? If you want a clear way of understanding nutrition, think of it as the food and nourishment that supplies the materials required by cells and organisms to continue living. Nutrition is the essence of life then, it describes how food is used to power and heal the body. In terms of human medicine and science, nutrition studies the processes the body uses as it breaks down food and metabolises it and then how the body reacts to it.

    Understanding Nutrition with Supplements and why do people turn to them

    According to data collected by the Office of Dietary Supplements at the U.S. National Institutes,  in a survey of 12,000 individuals, almost half of the participants said they were taking a multivitamin because they thought it would improve their health. About a third said that they thought it would maintain their health. Interestingly, the majority of the people studied had not received a doctor’s recommendation to take a nutritional supplement.

    Nutrition with Supplements

    Unfortunately, the diet of many people today is relying more and more on processed, fatty fast foods than on natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Of course, a healthy diet full of naturally good nutrition is the first choice, but a multivitamin, taken daily, may offer additional nutrients that an inadequate diet cannot.

    Typical over-the-counter nutritional supplements and vitamins are not necessarily all they promise to be. The truth is, not all nutrition supplements are created equally. I have to admit the fact that it took me many years and I wasted many hundreds of pounds before I grasped this simple truth.

    There are hundreds of companies out there offering nutritional supplement products these days. The reality is that some of them do work to varying degrees, depending on the takers age, gender, diet and a myriad of other things. Some supplements only work because of a “placebo” effect while others can even be harmful for you.

    Understanding Nutrition with Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

    Fortunately, I eventually realised that there is a big difference between pharmaceutical grade supplements and the ones that I can buy at the local drugstore, often referred to as food grade supplements. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices, otherwise known as GMP.  Every step of the process is closely monitored using established procedures to assure the highest quality, purest, safest and most reliable end result possible.

    Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

    Every part of the production is scrutinised, from the raw materials, employee training, all the way to the equipment and facilities. Processing and manufacturing tracking means that each batch can be traced back to the date, time, lot number, and equipment used.  In order for a supplement to be considered pharmaceutical grade, it has to be manufactured using GMP and achieve 99% purity or higher – that means it contains nearly no fillers, binders dyes or other foreign substances.

    Food grade nutritional supplements

    Food grade nutritional supplements, on the other hand, may not be produced using Good Manufacturing Practices and, perhaps even more frightening – the ingredients listed on the label might not be what’s in the bottle. Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the use of fillers and binders in food grade nutritional supplements. Things like sodium benzoate, glycol, corn starch, dextrose, lactose and a myriad of chemical dyes are just a few of the additives you won’t even know you’re getting if you take one of these “supplements” because they don’t have to be listed on the label.

    In many cases companies use impure ingredients – and the FDA doesn’t require them to list those ingredients. Many of these supplements contain 90% or less of the listed ingredients – the other 10% is made up of fillers, such as, corn starch and lactose, which are known allergens for some people. Understanding nutrition helps to see that the purity of a supplement will determine how well it can be used by the body.

    Bio-availability and price of pharmaceutical grade supplements

    Pharmaceutical grade supplements are more expensive than other supplements because of the stringent practices that they are manufactured under. If a supplement is cheap or super cheap – it’s probably not pharmaceutical grade and may not be what it’s cracked up to be. When you purchase a supplement manufactured under GMP, you’re getting the highest level of purity possible and it’s backed by testing and approved by the FDA.

    Bio Availability is another thing that pharmaceutical supplements do better than regular vitamins and supplements. By pharmacological definition bio availability is:“measurement of the rate and extent to which a drug reaches systematic circulation.”

    In nutritional science this concept can be defined as “the proportion of the administered substance capable of being absorbed and available for use or storage”. More pure ingredients leads to higher levels of bio availability, making pharmaceutical supplements superior.

    FDA regulations for Dietary Supplements and Pharmaceutical Industry

    When it comes to supplements, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for overseeing the practices and product manufacture standards for labelling, dosage, safety, claims and the like. However, there are NO provisions in the law for FDA to approve effectiveness of the given supplements before they reach the customer. In fact, the FDA actually has to prove that a product is unsafe in order to limit its use or to withdraw it from the marketplace.

    On the contrary, before being allowed to market a drug product, manufacturers must comply with FDA regulations, to get an approval and provide strong evidence of its safety and efficacy.

    Arkworld’s product quality standards are in alignment with FDA drug standards. Audited by the FDA their processes substantially exceed new proposed GMPs for supplements and meet all critical requirements for drug level production.


    Pharmaceutical grade supplements are produced under GMP, assuring that they are made with the purest, most potent composition possible. Food grade supplements don’t hold a candle in terms of purity and efficacy. Understanding nutrition means that you take full responsibility for what you put in your body.