Escorts and Companions in Utah. Oh My!

Salt Lake City just moved to the top of my vacation list.

Why? Well, Reader, it’s because of an escort service in Utah County. That’s why!

I am mostly kidding. I don’t have a vacation list. Yet you can color me intrigued by the idea of companionship. Some folk might indulge in the sins of the flesh, sampling a local flavor that doesn’t appear on a restaurant menu. Companions Escorts, the specific provider I looked at, offers that for in and out-of-towners. Though it doesn’t have to get down and dirty. Arm candy might be enough for a party you don’t want to go stag.

I’ve perused the bevy of beautiful brunettes on display and I wouldn’t mind them hanging on my elbow joints. They have class and a whole lot of assets; two of which are ears in case you want someone to listen to your problems. Though my problems are reserved for you, dear Reader.

Whether or not there is a specific fantasy you want to live out, Companions Escorts claims that both chemistry and conversation are par for the course. In this day and age that’s a dice roll with the Plenty of Free alternatives. Personally, I am done rolling dice. I’ll gladly pay for an evening with a girl who can pretend she wants to be around me.

No judgement here, dear Reader. Please. Don’t judge me.

I don’t know if I’ll be Utah-bound in the near future but I can say that I want to be. I want to try something new. I want to know if the experience is worth writing home about. Yet, I suspect I won’t because my mother might not enjoy vicarious companionship. And now I’ve ruined the fun I had looking into this.

If I find myself in the home of the Jazz I will try and follow the old adage: When in Utah, do as the Utahn do.