Getting Some of That Look Back We Had in the Prime of Our Lives

My dad had a lot of wrinkles from all those years working outdoors in the heat and the cold in Colorado. He is not one to ever have any plastic surgery. However, he was a bit embarrassed with how his face looked when we planned a four generation family picture with him, Mom, us kids, the grandkids and their kids. I told him about the best Botox in Denver. He was really hesitant. My husband and I paid for his treatment to help convince him to go and try it. We told him he should go a few weeks before the picture day.

I could tell the difference as soon as I saw him. He said that Mom was so surprised that she went in and had it done too. She said she was not going to look like a great-grandmother if he was going to be in the picture looking like he did more than a decade ago. The difference was striking. He looks really good. There is no fake look about it at all. He just looks younger. You can’t tell what he did, but you can tell something is different. He had it done when he went on vacation from work, and his coworkers commented how much his vacation improved him when he got back.

Dad is really happy with the results. I caught him admiring himself in the mirror on picture day. I have never seen him do anything like that before. Getting back some of your youthful looks is a powerful thing. No one wants to look old. We all want to look our best, and that would be when we were in the prime of our lives. It is a time we reminisce on and do not want to see fade. However, it does, but there is something we can do about it now.