I Got a Great Job at a Party

I have been trying to get going as a DJ for about five months now, so far the money that I have made has all gone back into buying more stuff that you need to do the job. However I have actually started to get some word of mouth going, a lot of it does say that I work cheaper than more established guys will. At any rate I ended up getting this incredibly wild party. It was an opposite of a bachelor party, but there were lots of strippers and some girls from a Las Vegas escort agency. The way I heard it the party was originally planned as a bachelor party, but the bride to be had caught the groom to be with another girl. I hardly knew these guys, but I think that I got at least four versions of the story. He was caught cheating on the girl in all of them, but some of them involved her trying to take his scepter and crown jewels for a souvenir. Other versions involved a revolver and a hole in the crotch of his baggy shorts.

At any rate I actually resembled this guy a good deal and they started to call me by his name as a joke. However the joke was on them after I was mistaken for him by two escorts. I was rather high by this time of the night myself, but I was not drunk and the other guy was just wasted. When these girls showed up they were looking for him and someone told them that they were looking for me. I do not know who that was, but I was happy to be that other guy for the next forty five minutes. They took me upstairs and put on a show, then things got a lot more interesting.