I Got Help with My Lines on My Face

I had no idea where to find botox in Los Angeles but I knew lots of women used it. I was new to the area, and I figured that if there was any city where I could just ask anyone that I bumped into where to have it done, this city would be the one. I had lived out in the country before, and most women there didn’t do it. Yet, many women there feel very badly about the lines on their faces. I always thought this was very silly. Why not have some simple work done and feel better about yourself afterward? I wanted to be happy, and the lines on my face were not making me happy.

I got a job in a lawyer’s office, and all the female employees looked so pretty and line-free. I wanted to look the same way. I wondered if they had no stress in their lives or if they were getting work done. I didn’t want to ask them right after I started. I wanted to get to know them first before I started asking them if they knew where I could go. Surely one of them knew a good dermatologist to help me? I longed for the skin they had each day that I was in the office. I knew that I needed to get help because it was consuming my thoughts.

A few weeks after I started working there, I became friends with one of the legal assistants. I told her that I wondered if most women in the city had work done. She laughed and said that most did. She then admitted that she had work and she loved the place she goes. That was my chance! I asked her the name of her doctor, and she told me immediately.