I Have a Nice Smile Now

I knew that I needed to find a reputable cosmetic dentist in Aurora to help me with my teeth. For too many years, I have simply avoided showing my teeth as often as possible. It is not that they are unsightly because they are rotten, but they are stained and there are chips here and there. You would think that a chip in a tooth would hurt, but these ones did not bother me, other than how they looked. I went mainly to see if I could get the chips fixed and to see if there was any hope of getting a nicer smile as far as color goes.

Though I brush my teeth three times a day, the coffee and tea that I drink stain them so much. I know that I should not drink that much, but I do. I went online to see if there was a dentist that I could find in the area that would offer both services. I went to the website of the top search result, and I knew that I had found the one that I wanted to use. Not only do they fix chips and cracks in teeth, but they also have a whitening program that I was really interested in.

I know that I will never have super white teeth like movie stars have, but I also knew that I did not need to have the stained teeth I had at the time. Thankfully, this dentist was able to fix the cracks easily enough, and then he also told me more information on the whitening program. For just one low cost, I would be able to come back at least twice a year and get free whitening gel to maintain the nice smile I have now. This is saving me money in the long run, and I have a really nice smile as a result.