No More Snoring for My Husband

I love my husband, I really do, but it can be hard to sleep next to him. He has obstructive sleep apnoea, so he snores loudly all the time. Sometimes, he sounds like a lawn mower, others he sounds like a motorcycle. No matter the sound, it is annoying and makes me have a hard time falling asleep. We tried all kinds of tricks and gadgets before he finally went to the doctor, where they gave him a antisnoring appliance.

I was expecting that he would need some big clumsy apparatus like you see in the movies, maybe something that looks like a gas mask. So I was pleasantly surprised when the dentist brought out the appliance he thought my hubby should get. It was about the size of dentures. I wondered how comfortable it would be and my husband looked unsure but after seeing the pleading look in my eyes, he gave it a shot. We laid down that first night and said our good nights and fell asleep and I woke up the next morning, without having woken up at all during that first night. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I asked him how he slept and he grunted that it was fine. I asked if he liked his new snoring helper and again he grunted that it was.

Now that he’s been using it for a while I have got to say, this thing is better than I could have possible hoped for. Now not only does he not snore but he has said that he gets a more restful night’s sleep. He isn’t the grumpy bear of a man that I have been married to for going on twenty years and that makes me so happy. Now if I can just work on getting him to trim him nose hair more often.