Tattoo removal methods

There have been many different methods to remove tattoos, but removal by laser is the most popular method now by far. Unlike earlier methods such as surgery or dermabrasion, laser removal involves far less damage to the skin. Unfortunately, it is these kinds of methods that many people immediately think of when they think of tattoo removal. The kind of traumatic and invasive procedure that had to be involved is no longer necessary, and no longer needs to be the image that people have in their head of removal.

Tataway specializes in laser tattoo removal, and has recently gotten the PicoSure laser. They use this in combination with their RevLite q-switched laser, to make their approach to tattoo removal especially effective.

Tataway has locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA. For more information about Philadelphia tattoo removal, contact them through their website or by calling them at (857)284-4800.