The High Cost of Medication in the US

The pharmaceutical industry is a billion dollar concern, and it has steadily grown over the years, with people paying more for their prescriptions than ever. Statistics tell us that the average American spends around $1,000 per year on prescription drugs, which is almost double that of European countries. In 2014, American people spent more than $370 billion on prescription medication, and with this trend looking likely to continue, there is hope for many with the introduction of a medical discount card.


Save Money on Prescriptions

There is something called Medication Discount LLC, who have set up a Medication Discount Card, which is free and can save you up to 84% on your next prescription. The organisation was founded to provide financial support for people who require prescription medication, and the service is totally free. You simply visit the website, select your medication and you can print your discount card immediately and use it in any of the many participating pharmacies across the country. If you would rather have the card mailed to your home address, this can also be arranged.

No Expiry Date

The Medical Discount Card has no expiry date, and your pharmacist will give you a certain discount, depending on the medication you need. Once you have registered with that pharmacy, you do not need to show your card again. The website is very easy to navigate, simply locate your prescribed drug and download the discount card, which can be printed out and used immediately.

Participating Pharmacies

There are more than 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, and with average savings of 10-20%, everyone can benefit. You may already have an existing discount card, and that is not a problem, more often than not, the Medication Discount Card will offer higher discounts than other cards.

Long List of Medication

There are many drugs that are not typically covered by insurance and these include appetite suppressants, antacids, and contraceptive devices and implants. Cosmetic drugs, sedatives, fertility and impotence medication are also covered by the discount card. The card also covers anti-smoking medication and prenatal vitamins, and a lot more besides.

Essential Support

The Medication Discount Card plays a vital role in helping many people by providing significant discounts on prescription medication, and more and more people are realising they can save money by simply printing out our discount card and handing it to one of the participating pharmacies. The crippling cost of medication can be a cause of family stress, and this is why we recommend you use our discount system. It is free, there are no restrictions, and the card never expires, so next time you need a prescription, take our card to the pharmacy and you are likely to have a pleasant surprise.

Discounts for All the Family

If you have a Medical Discount Card, you and all your family will receive discounts on all prescribed medication, and with such a long list of drugs, most people find their medication is included. The great thing about the scheme is that it is absolutely free, and once you have the card, it will never expire.