Want to detoxify your body? Here are 5 ways in which Panchakarma can help you

It is essential for the human body to detoxify time and again in order to flush out all the harmful toxins and impurities from one’s system.

The only reliable means to safely cleanse your body and mind is through Ayurveda. Ayurveda provides us with a set of five herbal treatments known as “Panchakarma”. It is said that Panchakarma can even cure several chronic diseases permanently. (Check out this link to know more about Panchakarma.)

Not only does Panchakarma purify and detoxify but it also strengthens the muscles and joints. And, it also facilitates the balanced secretion of hormones from all the essential glands in our body.

Panchakarma guarantees a stable and well-balanced appetite and cures sleep deprivation. It is known to be a gift for mankind.

The bright light of observation must be dawning upon the fact that detoxification is a mechanism, which not only cleanses the body, but also brings clarity to one’s thoughts and purifies one’s consciousness.

Here are five effective and supervised ways in which Panchakarma can detoxify your body as a whole:

1. PurvaKarma – The pre-purification process

Before fighting with the enemies, one must prepare for the war. Similarly, before beginning with the actual process, it is necessary for the Panchakarma experts to prepare the body for the cleansing. This can be done in two ways –

(a) Snehana and (b) Swedana

Both these treatments form the base for further cleansing and detoxifying.

Snehana is a full body massage with the use of herbal oils which helps in removing all the stubborn and accumulated toxins towards the gastrointestinal tract. This treatment is performed for at least three to seven days and it helps in releasing stress from one’s body.

Swedana, on the other hand, is sudation or sweating and is given every day after Snehana.

An herbal concoction may be added to the steam to eliminate the existence of toxins from the body.

2. Vamana – Vomiting therapy

Our lungs are often congested, which leads to the dreadful conditions like bronchitis, cold, cough and even asthma. To heal and permanently avoid such conditions Ayurvedic treatment of therapeutic vomiting is performed to eliminate the element of Kapha, which causes the presence of excess mucus in the body.

3.  Virechana – Purgation Therapy

Sometimes, excessive presence of Bile (Pitta) in the gallbladder, liver and small intestine leads to the formation of rashes, skin inflammation, acne, chronic fever, and jaundice. It is suggested to cure these conditions by performing a therapeutic Purgation or rather a laxative treatment.

4.  Nasya- Nasal Administration

“The nose is the doorway to the brain”

Under this treatment, medicated drops are used to help eliminate sinuses and bodily humor that are accumulated in the throat, nose and head areas.

5 Basti- Enema Therapy

The dominant location for Vata is the colon. The Basti therapy introduces herbal decoctions and medicated oils in the rectum, which heals constipation, digestive problems, chronic fever and sexual disorders.

It can be observed that Panchakarma is the key to a healthy lifestyle and complete detoxification.

It has proved to be a helpful and beneficial treatment, which is supposed to be performed under full expertise and professional guidance.

To detoxify is to cleanse, and to cleanse is to live longer and better.

So, make sure to detoxify, but remember to do so with the right guidance.